Briquetting Presses


VOTECS briquetting presses

Briquettes for volume reduction and heat energy production.
Craft enterprises and industrial operations produce wood chips shavings and saw dust on a daily basis that take up considerable space to store and transport. By contrast, briquettes save space and are easier to transport, and unlike loose materials, present a far lower risk of spontaneous combustion. Briquetting presses from VOTECS process these wood chips, shavings etc. into compact briquettes that can be used to produce energy for heating. The briquetting presses are installed as a standalone machine or in conjunction with evacuation systems. The advantages of the briquettes produced by these machines are a huge reduction in volume for the same heating value and controlled combustion.

The characteristics of VOTECS briquetting presses are:

  • Huge reduction in volume resulting in considerable potential savings in the cost of storage, transport and disposal
  • Burn briquettes for cost-effective energy production

AP Briquetting Presses

  • For briquetting of
  • Wood shavings
  • Milling shavings
  • Sawdust
  • Wood dust
  • Chips
  • Paper
  • Styrofoam

Briquetting –Large volumes made small

The material to be compressed is mixed by a continually turning tube extractor in the container and then fed to the pressing mechanism by a discharge screw conveyor. The loose material is then subsequently pre-compressed. Then pressed by the press cylinder, the pre-formed briquette is transformed into its final, highly compacted form. When the defining pressure value is reached, the tongs open and the briquette is pushed out.

Thought-out construction

  • Extremely low overall height
  • Left or right hand design
  • Variable container walls
  • Hydraulic system with a separate oil tank
  • Dust sealed pre-compressor
  • End of stroke cushioned cylinder with screw cover
  • Hardened insert casing
  • Solid central main cylinder
  • SPS control
  • Stable ground frame with rubber feet

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The hydraulic tank is arranged separately. In this way, the emerging oil heat is optimally discharged. Easy access makes the regular maintenance service pleasant and efficient.

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